Beat The Drop – How to play and get tips

What is Beat the Drop on Paddy Power?

Beat the Drop is a quiz show type game that’s free to play on Paddy Power. Paddy Power customers can compete to beat the drop everyday by answering a series of sporting questions. By entering, you could win up to £1000 if you win.

How does beat the drop work on Paddy Power?

To play Beat The Drop, you’ll first need a Paddy Power account. You’ll then be able to answer a series of 12 questions for free everyday. In order to win a prize, you will need to answer 12 questions correctly.

All players start with £1000. Then for every question, you will need to bet up to £2500 on an answer. You can either bet it all on Answer A, Answer B or if you are unsure you can split the bet evenly between the two answers. For every correct answer, money will be passed onto the next question.

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Although splitting your bet in the middle is a safe option if you are unsure of the answer, it does mean that less money will be passed onto the next question.

You can split your bet whichever way you like based on how confident you are with each question and answer.

How can I get a discount with paddy power?

There are two ways to get more from your Paddy Power account. All new Paddy Power customers can get up to a £10 bet back in cash if they lose. More information and the terms and conditions for this offer can be found on the Paddy Power website.

Alternatively, you can refer a friend to earn a reward. For every friend you refer to Paddy Power, you’ll get a cash reward and your friend can get a special joining bonus.

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