How Get X Factor Diana Vickers Big Bouffant Messy Hair From X-Factor Hairdresser Behind Scenes

You probably know by now that I simply can’t get enough of this season’s big, bird’s nest hair styles. From Guido’s matte creations at Marc Jacobs to Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding’s bouffant do, it’s all about messy, voluminous styles. X-Factors’ wannabe star Diana Vickers was sporting an amazing look on this weekend’s programme.

With a disco theme, the contestants battled it out in a flurry of sequins and hairspray.

Ellnet Hairspray

I was intrigued to learn the insider secrets behind Diana’s fluffed-up barnet and apparently it’s all about Elnett hairspray and an undone vibe.

Ben, the X Factor’s resident hairdresser, talks you through how to re-create this look at home. For a video masterclass, read more.

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