ITV7 Racing Competition

What is the ITV7 racing competition?

The ITV7 racing competition is a free to enter competition where you compete to win a reward. Players simply need to enter the competition, pick 7 winners from a number of selected horses and if they win, you could win a prize. Winner can win up to £50000 every week!

How do you enter the ITV7 racing Competition?

Entering the ITV7 is completely free and easy to join. First you will need to register and log in to either the ITV7 app or website.

Once you have logged in, you will then be able to enter the racing competition. When you have entered the competition, you will then need to pick 7 horses across a number of selected races. If you do choose 7 winners you will be in with the chance of winning a cash prize. Winners could win up to £50000 every month. Although the cash prize depends on a number of factors including how many other winners there are.

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Only one entry is allowed per person for each competition. More information including the terms and conditions of this competition can be found by visiting the ITV7 website or app.

How do I join a league on ITV7 Racing Competition?

Joining a league on the ITV7 racing competition is quick and simple. You’ll first need to head to the ITV7 website and log in to your account. You will then be able to find the League page. Here you will then have two options to join a League.

If you know others that compete, you can create your own League and share your League code to compete and play together. Simply enter the League code at the top of the page.

Alternatively you can find a League on this page and join other players.

How do I leave a league on ITV7?

Leaving a league on ITV7 is just as easy and simple and joining. First you will have to visit the ITV7 website and log in. Next, find the League you want to leave and find the member list. Once you have found yourself, you will need to click the discard button on the right side of the coalition status bar.

You should then have successfully left your chosen league on ITV7.

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