Supermodel Elle Macpherson isn’t just a pretty face (and body). The Australian model and mother is re-launching her bath and body collection, Elle Macpherson The Body, coined due to her modeling nickname. With a distinctly more modern, and yet still feminine, image the best-selling collection has evolved and is based around Elle’s self-proclaimed philosophy of ‘intuitive beauty’.

Elle says,

“I believe we are often told what to buy and who to be. My collection is based around trusting intuition and offering women choices depending on how they feel. It could be dependent on mood or activities. I ask ‘how do you feel today’ and then choice follows naturally.”
The new look is inspired by Elle’s Australian heritage and holistic approach to life. Hence plenty of earthy tones of cream and warm grey, plus different coloured bands that reference Elle’s signature wristbands and bracelets, which are personal mementos.

For the break down of the range and our pick of the bunch, just read more.

The range has now been divided into three families; Bare which are citrus-scented everyday essentials, Glow which incorporates skin enhancers which add shine, gloss and colour, as well as a patchouli scent and finally, Self, which are lavender bathing products to calm the senses and truly relax for some ‘me time’. The new range comprises 13 beautifully scented products, plus two all year round mini collections that have been designed to fit into one of the three groups.

My favourites include Bare Ultimate Moisture Body Butter, (£8.95), which pampers the skin with a rich blend of honey and Vitamin E, as well as Glow Dry Oil Shimmer Spray, (£8.95,). This is a great satiny oil that adds shimmer and shine to face, body and even hair. As they’re all available from Boots now, it certainly seems like a realistic way to put a bit of supermodel glamour back into your beauty routine.

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